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❀️ 10% of net proceeds donated to providing service dogs for those in need!

What is Buddy by the Sea? πŸŒŠ

Sunny, Camden, and Izzy - @AmericasVetDogs

Sunny, Camden, and Izzy - @AmericasVetDogs

Inspired by the unconditional love from our golden lab - Buddy! We decided to make it our mission to reach out into the world and start making a difference.

A dog’s love can transform hearts, lives, and the world around you (as many of us know!) A Service Dog not only does that - but can give mobility, independence back to someone suffering. It can costs over $50,000 to breed, raise, train, and place one assistance dog.

Our mission is to raise money for individuals who can not afford a Service Dog. By donating 10% of our proceeds to these foundations; America’s VetDogs, GuideDog Foundation, Diabetic Alert Dogs of America, and more! We can achieve this great cause.

Wearing Buddy By The Sea we encourage you to be adventurous. You can make a difference. Loving just as unconditionally as your furry BFF! Learn more about how we are raising proceeds for service dog foundations.

Everybody needs a Buddy!β„’